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What do people notice first when they meet someone? Surveys suggest 47% of us see their smile and that’s what motivates us to restore our patients’ confidence through the use of techniques such as veneers or crowns.

If you are looking for a new smile, Q&As, testimonials, costs and timescales are outlined below.

You can also book a video call to find out which options suit you best. 

Everything you need to know about
veneers & crowns treatments

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Cosmetic Team

In a fast-developing field like ours, we think it’s important to accept that learning doesn’t stop when you can put letters after your name. In dentistry, it’s important to remain ahead of the game and that’s why you will find members of the Holident team at seminars, exhibitions, conferences and training sessions all over the globe. We are indebted to a long list of pioneers and ground-breaking experts who have helped us be the best we can be.

Dr.Çagatay Aras 



Dr.Özge Dinç Gülhan



Dr.Olcay Çelik



Dr.Büsra Merve Koca



Dr. Ercan Erdoğan



Dr. Alev M.Öğütveren



2002: Graduated from  Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry - Eng. Education /Istanbul

2003: Dentist / Fethiye Local State Hospital

2004: Private Clinic

2014: Founded Holident

2009: Graduated from  Aegean University Faculty of Dentistry / Izmir

2009: Dentist / Istanbul Medicine hospital/Istanbul

2011: Dentist / Istanbul Dentopia Dental Hospital/Istanbul

2015: Dentist / Istanbul Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital/Istanbul

2020: Joined to Holident Team

1998: Graduated from  Aegean University Faculty of Dentistry / Izmir

2001: Assistant Dentist - Switzerland 

2002: Private Clinic - Çanakkale

2005: Private Clinic - Fethiye

2019: Joined to Holident Team 

2013: Graduated from  Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry 

2014: Pr.Dental Hospital / Ankara

2021: Joined to Holident Team

 2016-2021 : Graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Dentistry 2022 : Dt. Ercan Erdoğan started his professional career in Fethiye 2022 : Joined to Holident Team 

2013 :Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry
2014-2016: Globaldent Oral and dental health policlinic (istanbul)
2016-2019: Ege University Faculty of Dentistry tepartment of prosthetic
2019-2023: Dentaglobal Oral and Dental health policlinic ( İzmir)
2023: Join the Holident team


Treatment options


#1 SCIENTIFIC APPROACH: "You will be in safe hands under scientific approach" 

At Holident, we only work with dentists who graduated from Turkey’s top-class faculties. You may well benefit from the knowledge and experience offered by more than one specialist – particularly if your treatment is more complex.

Whether you require endondontics, orthodontics, general anesthesia, periodontology or implantology,

you will be in the hands of an expert in each. 

#2 PRICING:"We will only recommend the treatment you need"

At Holident, we have never pushed our patients towards the treatment which costs the most. If you only need six crowns, we will never recommend more and, if there is a chance of preserving a natural tooth, we will make every effort to do just that.



Full mouth crown/veneer solutions – also known as the “Hollywood” treatment - provides the patient with a dazzling smile. The procedure can include a minimum of eight top and eight bottom crowns and veneers – a number equal to the teeth you see in a mirror when you smile. 

We use the best EU-approved materials available and digital dentistry solutions to provide the fastest, most comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing results. 

Something which patients who choose crowns or veneers might not realise is that one of the first things they’ll need to do is to make a choice. It’s a bit like going into Starbucks for a coffee or Nando’s for chicken. You know what you want but your server needs to know your preferences. If you’re not used to it, it can be a little overwhelming – and when you’re making a decision about something which is likely last for many years to come, you’ll want to be sure it’s the right one. At Holident, it’s important to stress we only use the best-quality Zirconia products – but do you know the difference between YML, HTML or UTML? Unless you’ve done your research already, we’re guessing probably not…

There are 5 types of products used for full-mouth crowns/veneers:

- E-Max® Veneers : Best option for laminate veneers.

- Noritake Kuraray® Monolitic Zirconium Crowns/Veneers: 3D Technology Process From start to end.

- Noritake Kuraray® Ultra-translucent, multi-layered Zirconia veneers: Best aesthetics including 3D tech and craftwork

· Noritake Kuraray® Zirconium crowns: Most common choice providing amazing aesthetics with affordable prices.

· Noritake Kuraray® Porcelain crowns: Smart option for back jaw bridges.

Please be aware of that, Holident never provides non-textured, cube looking crowns/veneers. Noritake Kuraray® quality, dentist experience and proffesional craftworks bring unique natural results.

Ultra Transculent Multi Layered Zirconia Veneers / Crowns

+ Less preparing (cutting/filing/shaving) is required on the enamel.

+ More translucent than Zirconium crowns which means a more natural look. 

+ Natural teeth are actually layered and UTML Zirconia veneers are made to mimic them to provide a natural look. 

+ Strong enough to last up to 15 years with proper care & maintenance and regular check-ups. (We provide free check-up for 5 years for our patients.) If you are looking for the best of the best, these are what we would recommend

Zirconium Crowns 

+ Zirconium crowns are also translucent for a natural look. 

+ They are also strong enough to last up to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. 

+ Zirconium crowns are the most popular among patients seeking a “Hollywood” smile. 

Porcelain Crowns

+ Affordable and functional, porcelain crowns offer a smooth white finish at a reasonable cost and aesthetic.

- Porcelain is fused onto darker metal which stops the light so the crowns do not appear as natural as the more expensive options.

We’re here to help so, if you’d like more information, feel free to contact us, visit us online, make an appointment for a video consultation with one of our experts or even drop in to our hospital in Fethiye. Remember it’s not just kings and queens who wear crowns. 

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The treatment takes around a week to complete; in other words, if we begin the procedure on Monday, it will usually be completed by the Friday or Saturday of the same week. Both of the procedures usually require between two to three visits.


Your temporary teeth will be fitted just after the initial filing procedure.


First appointment (Day 1): Filing down the tooth/teeth, which takes between two to four hours, depending on the condition of the teeth involved.

Second appointment (Day 5 or 6): Fitting the crown/veneer, which usually takes between one and two hours. However, if necessary, our dentist may schedule an additional appointment to complete the work. 

However, it’s important to emphasise that crowns can only be fitted over healthy or treated teeth. If there is any gum disease, infected roots or decay, it will need to be treated first. Therefore, it may need more time than planned before.

Our dentists will take the necessary X-rays required to establish the details of the recommended supporting emergency treatment. If the patient agrees the additional treatment, we recommend allowing a total of ten days for the procedure.

Colour is an option which patients can choose from a palette. Bleach white or the natural colour of your existing teeth? It's totally up to you. 

If they are properly maintained and cared for, crowns and veneers can last more than 15 years. If you are not in the habit of grinding your teeth, if you brush them daily and floss regularly and visit us at least once a year, your crowns and veneers will last longer. We also provide free check-up for five years. Click here for a testimonial from one of our first patients who has benefited from crowns for over 15 years - and still without any problems.


#4 GUARANTEE:"Aftercare is a part of our service"

Even though less than 1% of our patients need to return for repeat treatments we still offer a five-year guarantee on crowns and veneers. Any which break or fall out will be replaced free of charge.


veneer cost

Your top front teeth are the most visible part of your smile so it’s quite common for patients to concentrate on those at the beginning and to opt to have them crowned. However, there are options for your bottom teeth too:

  • Patients can opt to have their top teeth crowned and then choose laser whitening for the bottom ones to enhance their smile.

  • It is possible to complete the treatment in two visits. The bottom teeth can be completed during the second appointment.

  • The treatment can usually be completed during two (sometimes three) appointments booked over five days. The first appointment would normally last approximately three hours and the second to fit the crowns about an hour. If needed you will be called for third appointment in case of any small adjustment after 1-2 days.

Please visit our whitening page to find out more about our laser-whitening technology. 

Total cost depends on how many crowns/veneers that you need. As a general guide, the number of crowns includes the number of present and lost teeth. For top teeth treatment between 8 to 12 crowns should be crowned. Here you can see costs for each material, we apply %10 discount in cash payments:


Noritake Kuraray® High Transculent Zirconium Crowns: £225 per tooth 

Common Choice (%10 discounted: £202,5)

E-Max® Veneers : £325 per tooth 

Best for laminatees (%10 discounted: £292,50)

Noritake Kuraray®  Ultra Transculent Multi Layered Zirconium Crowns: £265 per tooth 

Extra Transculency (%10 discounted: £238,5)


Metal Fused Porcelain Crowns: £150/ per tooth

 Smart Choice (%10 discounted: £135)

Please make an enquiry to find out about occasional discounts. You can see before and afters for top teeth treatments and watch video about our world's number one laser whitening system below:



Having crowns fitted usually involves damaged worn or broken teeth being filed and the crowns fitted over the top. This means crooked teeth can be repaired and you can see examples in these before and after images here