If you are happy about the shape and size of your teeth but unhappy about the colour, you may only need to whiten them. There are many options to consider but the best – and safest - results can only be ensured by using expert dentists and the latest technology. 



If your tooth has hot, cold or sweet sensitivity this can be because of a decay in dentin level.

This decay should be cleaned first.

Than a white composite filling will be placed to the cavity.


30-45 Minutes

£50 (Starting from)

Additional treatments that must be done effects on the total price.



If you have a constant pain or a pain which is waking you up at night time. This means that your decay is at pulp level. This requires a root canal. 

The nerves of the tooth will be taken out and the root canal will be filled with root filling. 

The rest of the tooth will be restored or rebuilt by a white filling or crown. 


60-90 Minutes

PRICES (Starting from)  

Incisor: £50 / Premolar: £100 / Molar: £150

Additional treatments that must be done effects on the total price.

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Frequently asked questions

What is endodontic treatment?

Endodontic treatment, also named as a root canal treatment is a procedure we carry out to save  a tooth from extraction. It is performed mostly when a  patient has severe pain or infection, sometimes in the form of swelling or abcess and sometimes sympomless but diagnosed with an xray.


When do I need a root canal?

If your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold that doesn’t go away,
If you have severe spontaneous pain, and no pain medication helps or this pain wakes you up at night
If there is swelling or a continuous discomfort in your chewing function, you might want to get your tooth checked.


Is root canal treatment painful?
Treatment is done under local anesthethic and proper anesthesia you should not feel pain. When tissues are very inflamed, causing severe tootache, we may need more than one dose or try combined methods to achieve good pain control.


How about after the procedure?
When you leave the office, you may feel some discomfort in chewing for a few days. This is not uncommon and can be solved by a pain medicine prescribed by your dentist if necessary. Some infected teeth might take some more time to heal, please contact your dentist if you experience any unexpected pain.


If you already removed the nerves, why does it stil hurt?
Removing the infected pulp tissue eliminates the source of infection, but the resolving of the inflammation in the surrounding tissues takes some time. Usually the body can do this by itself but sometimes antibiotics and antiinflammatory medicine is needed.


How long does the treatment take and how many visits will I need?

Each patient and each tooth is different but mostly, one visit will last 60-90 minutes and you will need one or two visits depending on your need. Your dentist can inform you better on this once she sees the tooth.


What is the digital measurement method? Can I choose my smile design myself?

Holident Dental Hospital uses the best technology available. Our philosophy has always been to invest in our business and to learn the best techniques practiced around the world. Modern dentistry is a fast-developing field – one of the fastest in medicine – allowing us to regularly enhance both our patients’ comfort and their smile.


Examples include 3D HD scanners which not only improve patient comfort but provide precise results. The images are easily transferable to our digital records and can be used for a number of treatments. These include lamina, zirconium, porcelain veneers, inlay-onlay fillings, implant measurements, bonding, Invisalign braces and other orthodontic treatment.


The technology is particularly effective in prosthetic procedures where aesthetics are sensitive. Patients can even be shown images of what their smile will look like once treatment is complete. Products used are selected from a digital library to suit their face and their character – but they can be shared with the individual first and inserted into a 3D image to allow them to assess the results of their treatment in advance. Any requested alterations can then be incorporated before the procedure goes ahead.


Porcelain with metal support & zircon backing?

Porcelain crown bridges are applied to the teeth which have interdental defects or excessive material loss. These porcelain applications are made according to the location of the damaged tooth. Metal-supported porcelains are preferred for durability in areas with high chewing pressure but, over time, they can cause a dark appearance in areas where they come into contact with the gum.


Zirconium porcelains have higher light transmittance and are often closer to the natural appearance of a tooth. The substructure is light-colored and can be used in long bridges. These materials tend to be preferred in locations where the aesthetic benefits will be higher.



Porcelain laminates?

These are used in areas of the mouth where aesthetic concerns are likely to be high. Usually, it requires the minimum amount of tissue removal while, sometimes, the teeth themselves are not touched at all. Laminates tend to be preferred in cases where teeth have become discolored or darkened or where they are deformed or have not been corrected by capping and whitening. Leaf porcelains are glued individually directly onto the tooth.


What is a fiber bridge?

A fiber bridge is a dental technique for patients with missing teeth which can be applied without interfering with the adjacent teeth. The bridge is often completed with discreet composite filling materials with glass fiber inserted between the teeth nearest to the cavity. Although they are preferred for cases where there is a single missing tooth, fiber bridges can be used in both anterior and posterior regions of the mouth. However, one of the biggest advantages as that a fiber bridge can often be fitted in one session.


Aesthetic Filling 

Our teeth can sometimes be lost or damaged as a result of accidents or fractures but cavities can still be corrected and restored to function and form with composite-based fillings, whether the missing tooth is in the anterior or posterior area of the mouth. The cavity is disinfected first before adhesive applications are applied and then the missing part of the tooth is replaced with composite filling materials to match its natural colour.

What is an inlay-onlay filling? 

Sometimes, a tooth may deteriorate as a result of decay or issues with the root canal and may need to be restructured as a result. In such cases, the tooth is measured using digital technology, a replacement section is prepared from porcelain or fiber-reinforced composite materials in the laboratory and then applied with special adhesives into the mouth. Inlay-onlay fillings are designed to take account of contact with teeth on either side, form, hygiene and function.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is the process of repairing problems such as cavities, discoloration or other aesthetic issues in the front teeth with special filling materials – but without touching the tooth tissue itself. Procedures are usually completed in a single session and without the need for anesthetic. Composite veneers - also known as composite laminates – are generally cheaper than their porcelain equivalents and, barring bad habits, can usually last for more than five years.




Holident in Fethiye to provide best dental treatments available for over 15 years of experience. We would like to assure our customers that a qualified dental surgeon and not a general dental practitioner will carry out our implant procedures; indeed, all our treatment is completed by specialist dentists and not by general dental practitioners or hygienists.

We provide the best possible service and the latest dental treatments in Fethiye. You can find any of dental needs in Holident Fethiye such as; Implants, crowns, veneers, root canal treatment, laser whitening, aesthetic fillings, sedatiın dentistry, orthodontics (braces and invisalign treatments). 



- After leaving university in 2002, Dt Çagatay Aras started his professional career at the local state hospital in Fethiye. After a few years gaining experience, he opened his own clinic in 2004 and served an increasing number of patients – particularly those coming from abroad. Holident is founded at 2014 with the participation of his friend Dr.Tonguc Kavasoglu (from Marmara University.) Dt.Cagatay Aras has achieved over 5000+ patients who had cosmetic treatments such as crowns, veneers, dental bridges, implant supported crowns, aesthetic fillings. He never stop searching the best for his profession. He joined to master programme of Digital Dentistyin Siena University / Italy at 2019. Dt.Cagatay Aras is leading the digital dentistry which brings the best and fastest results for veneers, crowns and other cosmetic treatments.


- Dr Tonguç Kavasoglu attended the New York and Virginia Commonwealth exchange programme where he continued his studies and also studied periodontology in Turkey, receiving his doctorate in 2009. He is still a member of European Association of Osteointegration, the European Federation of Periodontology and the Nobel Biocare Academy. After five years of practical experience, he moved to Fethiye, and joined his university friend Çagatay at Holident in 2014. He has a huge experience of implant operations with over 2000 implant operations in Holident. All-on-4, teeth in a day and dentistry under sedation are his personel interest about his profession.


- Patients requiring root canal work are in the safe hands or Dr.Dt. Irmak Eroglu. She has graduated Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry and joined to Holident Team after working the most popular dental hospitals in Istanbul. “Saving the natural tooth” is our priority and so we are more than happy to work with an endodontist to serve the best for root canal treatments.

- After his graduation from Ege University in İzmir, Dt Olcay Çelik worked in private clinics in Switzerland, Çanakkale and Fethiye but now brings his extensive experience to the Holident team. He is also fluent in both English and German. He is in charge of crowns, veneers, dental bridges or implant supported crowns.

- Dr Dt Selin Kaya heads our orthodontics team offering advice on braces and Invisalign options. She is known with her fast results and called as a shining star at invisalign treatments. Invisalign treatment is suitable for both children and adults. Both moderate and slight misalignment can be corrected by using the transparent Invisalign braces. Why not to book a free consultation, If you are looking for invisalign aligners.

- Erhan Kaya is also a graduate from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry and specialises in cosmetic dentistry. He moved to Fethiye after working for over 20 years in Istanbul –Impladent Dental Hospital. If you are looking for bonding, or aesthetic white fillings you will be in safe hands.




We provide best dental technologies in Holident:


- Treatment units: KaVo ESTETICA™ E80 and Dentsply Sirona C4  which offers simple operation, integrated solutions, smooth workflow, and automated hygiene—encompassed within a unique ergonomic suspended chair.


-Imaging Solutions: The KaVo OP 3D Award winning innovations for panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging. Viruo Vivo is created for dental professionals who want to benefit from the advantages of digital dentistry.


-Implant Systems: Straumann® the world’s leading brands for confidence in implantology and beyond creating innovative technologies. You can find best implant brands of the world in Holident Dental Hospital. 

​Nucleoss which is Turkey’s first manufacturer of dental Implants and today reaching 33 countries and FDA approved dental implants company. Holident recommends Nucleoss implants as an cost effective alternative and happy with the results over 300+ implants.


-Laser Whitening Technologies: The brand of the gel and the laser machine should be asked in advance by the patient. Holident uses Beyond Laser Whitening Gel and it’s latest equipment; POLUS ADVANCED. BEYOND has been awarded the best whitening brand for 9th years in a row.



Since we were established in 2002, the Holident philosophy has been to keep up to date on current technologies and techniques so we can be sure to offer our patients the best possible service. As a result we have attended seminars, exhibitions, conferences and training sessions all over the globe; we are indebted to a long list of pioneers and ground-breaking experts who have helped us be the best we can be.  However, now it’s our turn and 2020 is the year that we share 15 years of experience through the Holident Academy.


 You may have seen some dentists offering cheaper implants. However, what may not be made clear is that the cost of the bone graft, abutment or crowns may be higher so the total ends up being much the same. At the Holident Dental Hospital, there are no hidden costs; we promise every patient a clear treatment plan with a firm commitment on what they will pay.


- Our guarantee starts from the treatment day and remains valid for five years.

- The guarantee we offer is dependent on the patient having paid the full amount for their treatment.

- Two records of treatment, including photos and X-rays, will be made for each patient – one for the client and one for retention at the Holident Dental Hospital.


Please note our guarantee may no longer be valid in the following circumstances:

- If the patient does not return to Holident Dental Hospital for a routine check-up at least once in a year during the guarantee period or does not undergo a routine check-up including an X-ray once in a year in his/her country of residence. Written proof, such as an invoice or a letter from your local dentist, is required.

- If oral hygiene is neglected.

- If the dentists' instructions are not followed (for example not wearing dentures/night guard during the night).

- If removable restorations such as partial or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly.

- If the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally receding.

- In the event of accidental damage (i.e. dropping the denture).

- If the patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time.

- If the patient suffers from an illness which affects dental health (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, or chemotherapy).

- If a dentist in the patient’s home country has carried out any corrective or additional treatment on dental work received at Holident Dental Hospital without our prior consent.


We are easy to find on the west side of the centre of Fethiye, overlooking the marina at the corner of the Paspatur (Old Town). If you have no idea about Fethiye, you will be surprised with the options you would have. Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), Gocek islands, Karmylassos, Amintas King Tombs are just a few location that must be visited. If you need assistance about the travel options please inform our patient relations team.   

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