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Emine Karabulut

Chief Asistant

2012: Fethiye Şefika PekinGirls Vocational High School
2012: Fethiye Özel Park Oral and Dental Polyclinic
2016: Holident Dental Hospital
2019: Holident Dental Hospital Certificates Trainings
2012: Özel Kervan Computer and English Course
2012: Ministry of Education and Social Security - Basic Secretarial Course
2019: Sakarya University Dental Assistantship
2019: Teol Language Course - English B1 (İntermediate)


Ardahan Can Olan


2014: Özel Final Health Vocational High School (Assistant Nurse)
2017: Erasmus Plus Education (Prague)
Erasmus Plus Education (Dresden)
Erasmus Plus Education (Vienna)
2017: Fethiye State Hospital Internship
2018: Özel Final Health Vocational High School graduation
2018: Akdeniz University Health Services

Faculty (Physiotherapy)
2019-2020: Akdeniz University Hospital Internship
2021: Akdeniz University Faculty of Health Services Graduation
2022: Holident Dental Hospital


Burcu Ülger


2017: Çine 70. Yıl Health vocational high School
2016-2017: Çine State Hospital Internship
2019: Süleyman Demirel University Oral and Dental Health Department
2019-2020: Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Dentistry Internship
2019: Fethiye Oral and Dental Health Center Internship
2020: Holident Dental Hospital



Doruk Emirkan Ergün


2014: Fethiye Health Vocational High School (Health Care Technician)
2018: Fethiye State Hospital Internship
2018: American Language Course (B2)
2019: İzmir Kavram University (Oral and Dental Health)
2021: Holident Dental Hospital Internship
2021: Holident Dental Hospital


Firdevs Çakır


2015: Seydikemer Anadolu high school graduation
2019: Medical secretarial certificate
2020: Süleyman Demirel University of Political science and public administration graduation
2020: Holident Dental Hospital


Funda Ablak


2020: Fethiye health vocational high School
2020: Nurse assistant
2018: Health care technician certificate
2020: Hygiene training and certification
2022: Environmental education and participation certificate
2019: Özel lokmam hekim esnaf hospital internship
2022: Holident Dental Hospital


Elif Türkmen


2017-2018- Fethiye State Hospital (internship)
2020- Gözde Dinç Oral and Dental Clinic
2021- Halil Bayram Oral and Dental Clinic
2022- Holident Dental Hospital

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