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Playing cello, 6000 ft in the air - Asık Veysel Uzun İnce bir yoldayım

If a visit to your dentist led to a playing a cello while flitting through clouds thousands of feet above an azure Mediterranean sea, you might think it was a dream you had under sedation.

But, for Frederic de Wulf at least, it really came true after a consultation with specialists at Holident Dental Hospital in Fethiye.

The Seattle-based American national has been touring the world by boat with wife Marta and his round-the-globe journey brought him to Turkey towards the end of last summer.

The visit to Holident overlooking Fethiye harbour was part of his itinerary and it was during his appointment with senior partner Çağatay Aras that he mentioned his plan to paraglide from the famous Babadag launch point during his stay.

As a keen cellist, he happened to mention, his dream would be to play a haunting and evocative piece of music by renowned Turkish composer Aşık Veysel while airborne.

And, as it happened Çagatay happened to know a tandem pilot who might be able to help and, before long Ferdi Toy and Frederic were in touch planning how they could make his dream come true.

The video (attached/below) was the result and has been released by Fethiye Council in co-operation with Holident Dental Hospital as a positive example to celebrate Turkey and its pull for overseas visitors at a time when the nation – and the world - is struggling.

Frederick said: "There are very special souls on Earth and, for me, Aşık Veysel is one of them. I hope this project means his work reaches more people.

“This song perhaps bears scars from Turkey's soul but the words are clear and make sense for everyone. We are on a long and narrow road in life and - easy or difficult, sad or gratifying – no matter what we encounter, we have to embrace life in every way. ”

Holident’s Çagatay Aras added: “We were very impressed by the fact that an American tourist came to our country, met Aşık Veysel and immortalized his feelings. We are proud to be an intermediary in this project. We wish hope the music of Aşık Veysel will give power to everybody in difficult days while we are fighting a worldwide pandemic.”



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We are happy to share beautiful moments with our patients in this lovely city. We appreciate Fethiye Bowling for organizing such a special association, therefore we are very honoured to be supporting this organisation. Here you can see a summary of Men's Singles Final Day. Crown Green Bowling Association plays the league games each monday and tuesday. If your are looking for fun and sports just pop-in and meet with the players.