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Clinical research shows good teeth also play a major role in our overall medical health.

A great smile not only boosts our self-esteem and confidence but also allows us to eat the types of food our body needs to stay healthy.

 The time taken and costs involved are outlined below. However, if you would prefer to discuss your treatment face-to-face with one of our dentists, why not book a video call?


Dr.Tonguç Kavasoglu 




2003: Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry.

2005: Graduated from New York Virginia Commonwealth Exchange Programme. 

2004: Awarded a doctorate in periodontology from Istanbul’s Yeditepe University.

2009: Established and ran his own private clinic.

2014: Joined Dr Cagatay Aras to found Holident Dental Clinic in Fethiye.

2019: Holident Dental Hospital - Master Surgeon

Our master surgeon and co-founder Dr Tonguc Kavasoglu has installed implants for approximately 5,000 patients over the last 20 years. Dental surgery is his passion and he has attended seminars and courses worldwide to constantly enhance and improve his professional knowledge. He is also a member of the European Association of Osteointegration.

Dr. Betül Çalışkan Batı



Oral Surgery / Periodontal Treatments / Gummy Smile Improvement / Implants 2015: Graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry

2021:  Graduated from Ege University - Periodontology

2021: Joined to Holident Team

Dr. Betül is an expert in periodontology and has a degree from Ege University. In addition to performing implant procedures,  she is in charge of treating gum diseases.



"You will be in safe hands under scientific approach" 

At Holident, we only work with dentists who graduated from Turkey’s top-class faculties. You may well benefit from the knowledge and experience offered by more than one specialist – particularly if your treatment is more complex.

Whether you require endondontics, orthodontics, general anesthesia, periodontology or implantology,

you will be in the hands of an expert in each. 


Click on option below which describes you best to see the answers:



This is a question many of our patients ask when they get in touch for the first time. 

All-on4 Treatment is a life changing solution for the patients;

- Who has no teeth

- Who has mobile or loose teeth

- Who are using removable dentures


For a start, it includes immediate-load implants which provide patients with a fixed, full-arch prosthesis on the day of the surgery, ensuring both function and aesthetically-pleasing results from day one. That's why treatment is called as "Teeth in a day".

The procedure can usually go ahead if the following conditions are met.​

  • If the patient does not suffer from diabetes.

  • If a patient with health concerns (like a history of heart disease) has firstly consulted to their doctor and has been given the go-ahead.

  • If there is enough bone at the implant sites.

  • If the patient has enough time to allow implant treatment to be completed properly.

  • If the patient is aged over 18.

Many of the physical conditions can be checked with a panoramic X-ray, which is offered as part of our free consultation. If needed additional 3D Tomography scan can be taken. Then our experts can advise the best individual treatment plan for the patient.


However, patients from overseas can also send X-rays and images taken elsewhere. Then we will offer a rough treatment plan via a video call and even share before and after images illustrating implant-supported full-mouth solutions.