Clinical research shows that good dental health plays a major role in your overall medical health.
A great smile and nice teeth not only boost your self esteem and confidence, it also allows you eat any food and which will improve your quality of life. 
Fixed or moveable. In case of missing teeth, there are many ways of modern dentistry to recover the dental health and aesthetic. See the time requirements and prices below. If you want to discuss about your treatment face-to-face, you can book a video call.




Bridges are used where it is not possible or necessary to use an implant.

They can restore a natural looking smile, boost confidence and self-esteem, as well as improving chewing and speech. 

Your adjacent teeth to the existing gap need to be filed first. Then the bridge will be fitted over those filled

teeth by dental cement.



5 - 7 DAYS

(Starting from)

Metal Based Porcelain £90

Zircon Based Porcelain £200


An implant is used as a replacement for the missing root of the tooth and is placed into the jawbone to act as a support structure for a crown to be placed on; this gives the appearance of a tooth being present.

Dental implants are beneficial for many reasons as the can help improve speech and hygiene of the mouth, as well as making it easier to chew and giving a boost to an individual’s confidence and appearance. 

Here are the types of implants: 

Conventional Implants

If you have only one tooth missing.

Partial Implants

If you miss more than one tooth. 

Immediate Implants (Teeth in a day)

Enjoy your smile just in a day if you have;​

- The required amount of primary bone contact/primary stability.

- The required quantity and quality of bone at the implant site.

- The correct pace of bone formation around the implant.



DAY 1: Placement of the titanium screw

DAY 7: Removing the stitches 

DAY 90 (At Least*): Crown Replacement

*We aim to finish the treatment over 3 months.In some cases and depending on your own personal circumstances the dentist may recomend a longer course of treatment lasting up to a year. 

You will never leave the clinic without teeth. Temporary teeth will be fitted to restore aesthetics and function. 


Same process is used as in Conventional Implants treatment.


(Starting from)

Metal Based Porcelain £90

Zircon Based Porcelain £200


This is an acrylic plate which covers the existing gap and has artificial teeth on it. 


They can be fitted using metal hooks if required.

Main advantages of modern dentures are,

Natural Look & Longer Usage

New materials make dentures stronger and to make them look better for longer. 


Dentures require routine maintenance just like natural teeth. In addition modern dentures can be made of bacteria-resistant materials. This results in less bacterial adhesion and fewer instances of complications associated with free monomers.

Aesthetics & Function

Modern dentures can repair your smile and become a great substitute for natural teeth when chewing and speaking. ​


5 - 7 DAYS

(Starting from)

Metal Based Porcelain £90

Zircon Based Porcelain £200

Want to discuss about your treatment?


-"How soon can we fix an implant?"

Patients, and increasingly dentists, are demanding shorter treatment times. Advertisements for "teeth in a day" (or even less) are quite common. In the case of patients who may have not lost a tooth previously, the idea of being without a "permanent" solution can be psychologically challenging. But don’t worry, you will never leave the Holident surgery without fully functioning temporary teeth. 

-"Waiting six months or more? You're kidding me, right Doc?"

Certainly shortened treatment times have many benefits for patients. Yet, if we are considering osseointegrated implants as the optimal treatment choice for a single missing tooth, we need to have a good understanding of factors that may influence just how soon we can load that implant. We will quote treatment times that deliver our patients the very best possible outcome.

-"How long does a dental bridge last?"

IIt depends on the type of bridge, the quality of the procedure, and how your body reacts and adapts to the replacements. Generally speaking, a dental bridge can last from five to 15 years.

-"Bridges or Implants?"

In case of a missing tooth, dental implants have the advantage of apperance and functionality, we would say that implants are always one step ahead from bridges. But the decision is a mixed result of remaining bone, gum tissue, lip and cheek support. You can rest assured that our dentists will only reccomend the very best solution for you. 

-"Is it painful?"

Most of our patients find implant surgery very easy to tolerate. Bone does not have the ability to cause pain, since there are no nerves. Discomfort is minimal and procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic. 


-"Howlong they last?"

With proper dental care and good oral hygienea dental implant can actually last a lifetime. 

-"How can a missing tooth effect on my silhoutte?"

A missing tooth means losing stimulation of the bone when chewing. This situation affects negatively on your total dental health. Missing teeth will result in a loss of bone density which causes facial disfigurement that makes you older than you are.

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