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When we say guarantee that’s exactly what we mean.

When we say guarantee that’s exactly what we mean.

Choosing a dentist for treatment abroad can be a daunting task. First of all, there are literally thousands of clinics, surgeries and hospitals to choose from and picking the best can be time consuming. In fact, research suggests it can be eight weeks before a patient decides on who to use. However, we hope our website, our mission statement and our in-house principles help to make a choice that little bit easier. For example, did you know: • We only recruit from the top five training faculties and universities in Turkey. • We only use tried and tested brands recognised as the best. • Our medical equipment is state-of-the-art. • Every one of our dentists is recognised as an expert in their field. • We work hard to ensure our aftercare services are second to none. But don’t take our word for it; we would love to introduce you to Kim, a patient since 2010 and therefore a valued member of the Holident family. Kim first came to us in 2010 but has returned every year since for check-ups and restorative treatments. However, when she came back this year, she was sad to report a broken crown over an implant installed in 2017. The Holident team was quick to respond and an Implant-supported screw-retained Zirconium crown was fitted within a week All covered by Kim’s five-year guarantee. When we say guarantee that’s exactly what we mean. No argument. No quibble. Just a promise to you that we will keep. Just call us or send us an email for more information..
Tonguç did my implants and the only thing I wish is that I had done it 10 years earlier. He was so gentle and efficient, now I will always go back to Holident Dental Hospital for any major dental work. Fantastic dentists and its a great excuse to go to beautiful Fethiye. 
Pamela E.

I was petrified when i went. Shakes tears ect. Had my top set of teeth done under sedation. Very friendly staff and it did not spoil my holiday. Got confidence to go back again in a couple weeks to have bottom teeth done. I know i wont be so nervous this time. But i must say i am going for sedation again. Update when i return 
Sue L.

I am currently having treatment at Holident and cannot praise them enough. I done my research and it proved right as everything is so professional from all the specialists and staff to the medical equipment and the hospital overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Wholeheartedly recommend.
Nigel P.

I had 5 implants, I hadn’t even a appointment, I went with my husband who wanted veneers and they advised him to have a bridge . Best thing I’ve ever done , no more pain , can’t thank them enough 
Gillian H.

Source: Facebook
We found Cagatay four years ago when my husband needed emergency treatment whilst on holiday. We now see him each year when we visit. The treatment we receive is far better than in the U.K. Cagatay is totally professional and his methods are far more up to date that our Dentist in the U.K. The costs for crowns etc., are far cheaper than the U.K.
We would not hesitate to recommend Cagatay.

Jacqui & Philip H.
My wedding day was wonderful, and my smile all day had my jaws aching! My teeth look great and have had no problems whatsoever since returning home. Will have some more done asap - thanks so much for all help.

Geri W.

I have dreamt of the day when I could smile with pride and thanks to you that is now possible. 


You are not a just a dentist but also a magician in my eyes and I am so pleased with the results. I could not have even imagined how good they looked until now and without you 


I have dreamt of the day when I could smile with pride and thanks to you that is now possible. You are not a just a dentist but also a magician in my eyes and I am so pleased with the results. I could not have even imagined how good they looked until now and you made that happen for me. 


You will never know the impact you have had on my confidence and I now feel complete. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and professional work. My life will never be the same and I am eternally grateful for that. 


Kind and sincere regards 

Vikki B.


My name is Beverley Wood, and I live in manchester,uk 

from a very young age I was never happy with my teeth and had a denture from a fall when I was a child 

I visited cagatay at his surgery in Fethiye to see what could be done, I found him very easy to talk to and very proffesional, He first asked me what I wanted and then advised on what he thought would be best, I had nine crowns including two bridges while I was over on holiday, I showed him a photo from a magazine of how I wanted them to look, I am absolutly over the moon, they look fantastic, he is a perfectionist and is not satifisfied unless is work is spot on, I can honestly not praise him enough, the cost was a fraction of what I'd been quoted in the uk, but in the end money was not an issue, thankyou for my beautiful smile cagatay!! anyone thinking of having cosmetic dentistry, he's your man. feel free to email me with any questions. Bev 


Beverly W.


I have been watch the Calis Beach forum for 5 years and reading about all the work that Cagatay has carried out. I had been to a couple of dentists in my area and had been quoted a lot more money to have the work carried out. I decided to contact Cagatay for imformation and prices and then booked a consultation for May. After Cagatay carried out my consultation, I felt confident enough to go ahead with the 6 crowns that I wanted. cagatay started the process within the hour and a week later, I am a very please owner of 6 new crowns, giving me back the confidence to smile and show my teeth. 

I will definately be going back to have some more work done in the very near future, and I can't thank Cagatay enough and will definatley be recommending him to anyone who asks. 

The biggest compliment I can give Cagatay is that no one noticed that I had the work done when I came home as they looked so natural. 

Thank you again and see you soon. 


Beverly Wood​


Would just like to comment on how great the service and overall experience I had during my treatment with Cagatay in May 2011. 


I am terrified of the denitist in the UK, it doesnt help that I am needle phobic. I was so nervous when travelling to meet Cagatay, but I relaxed as soon as i arrived at his clinic. The clinic is very, very clean and I was impressed. 


I had 2 front crowns at an amazing price. No pain during the treatment, and I had my new front teeth within 2 appointments over 5 days. 


I cant thank Cagatay enough for giving me back my confidence.....all my friends have commented on how real the teeth look. 


Will be booking in for more treatment for my next holiday. 


Thanks Cagatay. 

Shelley S.


I smashed my front teeth as a child and have spent all of my adult life with various dentures, although I had the top teeth fixed by a bridge some years ago, my dentist here in the UK said that the only option for the bottom teeth was to continue with a denture. I have problems with my jaw which causes a very difficult bite, most dentists think my jaw has been broken and set in the wrong position. 


Last year, after reading many recomendations on the Calis Beach Forum, my wife went to see Cagatay to have veneers fitted, she was delighted with the results and so I thought I would ask Cagatay to confirm the bad news that I was stuck with this denture. He sent me away for a 360 degree xray (never had this in the UK) and after some consideration he told me that mine was a difficult case but he could build a horeshoe bridge for my lower teeth. 


Over 6 visits in 10 days in September this year, he has pulled off what I can only describe as a miraicle ! I now have perfectly straight and very natural looking lower teeth. His attention to detail is brilliant, he had the dental technician who made the bridge in the surgery with him for several hours looking at the tiny adjustments required for a perfect job. 


The great news does not stop there, I am going back to see Cagatay in March next year to have a couple of implants in my top jaw and some further work to make the top teeth as good as the bottom. 


I can't wait for the dentist here in Brynn to call me in for a check up. 


Thank you Cagatay, you have changed my life. 




I am very happy with my 20 new crowns. 

Before the treatment I looked in the mirror two times a day when I brussed my theeth now I can"t stop looking.I have more self-confidence after the treatment.The appartment was very nice and we enjoyed it while we where at the appartment, the landscape was very impressive for us.I am very happy with my new teeth and gratefull. 

Thanks Cagatay. 

Gerda Kooij. Velsen , Holland. 

Juliet and R.


Having had two front teeth with a large gap and one of the teeth very yellow I was very conscious and didn't enjoy smiling or having my photo taken. Being a very nervous patient didn't help also - until someone recommened Cagatay - during my first visit he made me feel relaxed and is very nice. My two front teeth are now a cause for smiling. And the next work are going to be two implants. None of these were ever offered to me in the UK and some of the work is necessary and just not cosmetic! Thank you Cagatay.


Denise A.


I visited Cagatay to have 3 crowns fitted, two white fillings and a home use teeth whitening system. 
I have used the tooth whitening system on 4 nights, the results after the first 2 nights was quite remarkable.
The difference with the crowns you fitted and the whitening is very noticeable and I am very pleased with the results. 
My wife had a root canal treatment carried out and she is normally very nervous but was put at ease straight away. 
Thank you Cagatay for the work you carried out. 




Cagatay Aras was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, owner of a flat in Calis in which we should spend holidays. I needed to fulfill an implant of 2 teeths on already installed nails, a complicated "operation". The result is 2 nice teeths (applauded by my wife) implanted efficiently and professionally. Cagatay and his assistant are the first who 
have let me feel absolutely comfortable in a dentist "Chair". 
The extra bonus was quick, but careful, work and 60% lower price than home. 


Jacob Worm-M.


A GREAT Thank You, to Cagatay Aras fixing both Susannas five fillings from amalgan to white fillings. It was a quick and good job that gave Susanna a new life with a better bite. Not shewing any more in her sleep. 
And Lennarts teeth where fixed in no time. Five fillings changed and two crowns in the front. 
already after three days from the first treatment he let me try out the fitting of the crowns. All together I think we payed 1.820YTL. 
We stayed in Calis which is a much better place than the famous Öludeniz. Htl Mendos is a good waterfront hotel in the midle of the playa with pool. Mr. Aras friend is the hotelowner. And we are very satisfied with it all and will come back.

Sundling Family​


I came to see Cagatay ARAS in July 2011 following a recommendation from my brother-in-law who had been treated by him a year earlier. I needed crowns and an extraction and was very impressed by the service I received. Cagatay has a good command of English and did an expert work on my teeth, and at a price much cheaper than in the UK. The crowns Cagatay fitted look amazing. The surgery was also spotlessly clean and appeared well equipped with the most up up to date dental apparatus. I will be going back for further treatment, and have no hesitation in recommending Cagatay to my friends and colleagues. 

Ian F.


I'm very pleased with the treatment I received from Cagatay. I went there in July based on recommendations from an expat forum. I needed a bridge to replace a lower front tooth. The result is excellent... a perfect fit and perfect match to my natural teeth. He was very pleasant to deal with and was very thorough in taking measurements to ensure a perfect result. I expect to use him again in future and recommend him to others wholeheartedly. 

Brenda C.


I am very happy with my 20 new crowns. 
Before the treatment I looked in the mirror two times a day when I brussed my theeth now I can"t stop looking.I have more self-confidence after the treatment.The appartment was very nice and we enjoyed it while we where at the appartment, the landscape was very impressive for us.I am very happy with my new teeth and gratefull. 
Thanks Cagatay. 


Gerda Kooij. Velsen, H.


Juliet and Richard both received treatment from Cagatay and his team back in February 2012. Richard needed some very extensive bridgework following some UK treatment that went wrong and Juliet also needed bridgework having been trying to find solutions to her teeth problems for over 3 years. Not only did Cagatay come up with innovative and technically challenging solutions to our problems, but he, his assistant and the dental technician worked all weekend as well as every day during the week that we were there in order to complete the bridgework and associated root fillings and other preparation work. Richard's large bridge had to have a metal base so could be made and adjusted in the nearby laboratory until a perfect fit was achieved. Juliet's two bridges were in Zirconium oxide and were dispatched to and from another town during the course of her treatment. The fact that all this was achieved in one week was amazing. We would of course recommend a longer period so that more time can be spent enjoying this worderful part of Turkey.

Juliet and Richard W.


Having had problems with my teeth & visiting my dentist 5 times at home in Scotland before coming to Calis. I paid a visit to Cagatay Aras in Fethiye as my husband had been to him last summer. Cagatay sorted that problem for me with out any difficulty. After 21 years of suffering the use of a partial denture he also said he could provide me with 2 dental bridges. This was a delight to hear! After a few visits I have finally had them fitted today & they are wonderful! 
A big thank you to Cagatay & his staff - they are just perfect - they match beautifully with my own teeth & the fit is very comfortable. I would highly recommend Cagatay & his staff to anyone considering dental work or having problems 
We will certainly be going back to see him for regular checkups. 

Maria O.


Hatte ein Problem mit meinen Zähnen, bin dann zum Dr. Aras, er konnte mir sofort helfen. Nach einem Beratungsgespräch, haben wir uns gemeinsam auf die neuste Technik geeinigt. Diese wurde geraume Zeit später auch praktiziert. Nach meinem Besuch in Dr. Aras Praxis, die nebenbei erwähnt ausserordentlich sauber gehalten worden ist, hatte ich keinerlei Schmerzen mehr. Nach 5 Jahren Zahnschmerzen, hab ich endlich einen, seiner Arbeit bewussten, netten Doktor kennengelernt, der wusste wie man mein Problem beseitigen konnte. Ich danke Dr. Aras und seiner lieben Zahnarzthelferin für ihre Freundlichkeit und Menschlichkeit. Selten so ein freundliches Team gesehen. 
Empfehle ihn SEHR gerne weiter, würde immer wieder zu ihm in Behandlung gehen. 

Fatma S.


I was having problems with several of my teeth which my detist in th uk did not resolve so a friend of mine who lives in fethiye recommended Cagatay so when visiting my friend I made an appointment to see him. From the start he was extremely proffesional and having worn a partial denture for over 40 years I was delighted when he informed me that he would be able to fit a bridge which would do away with my denture. The whole procedure was carried out during a 2 week holiday at a fraction of the cost of the same treatment in th UK. For anyone wanting dental treatment I can highly recommend Cagatay Aras. His service is superb and nothing was too much trouble for him.

Stuart Shipley​


I had a lot of dental problems due to poor dental treatment as a child in the UK, so when i was living in Turkey a friend of mine recommended i visit Cagatay, i had gone to Izmir to see a dentist but they recommended implants, i was unsure so went for a second opinion. Cagatay straight away understood my problem and set about making a dental plan for me, i had all my top teeth fixed and it has changed my life, everyone comments on my perfect teeth, and i will return to Fethiye to complete the plan and have my bottom teeth fixed as soon as possible. The Surgery was so clean and friendly staff, My dentist in the UK was a bit miffed to say the least, but she could never have done for me what Catagay has done, I recommend him very highly!

Stuart Shipley​


I was having problems with several of my teeth which my detist in th uk did not resolve so a friend of mine who lives in fethiye recommended Cagatay so when visiting my friend I made an appointment to see him. From the start he was extremely proffesional and having worn a partial denture for over 40 years I was delighted when he informed me that he would be able to fit a bridge which would do away with my denture. The whole procedure was carried out during a 2 week holiday at a fraction of the cost of the same treatment in th UK. For anyone wanting dental treatment I can highly recommend Cagatay Aras. His service is superb and nothing was too much trouble for him.

Sheena H.


I had implants in my lower jaw to hold a plate done in the UK 5 years ago and it all went wrong which caused me a lot of stress. A consultation with Cagatay Aras in Fethiye informed me what has to be done with new implant fittings and dentures all done in the time i had my 3 week holiday. His knowledge is unbelievable, I have never been more happy and confident as I am now, at half the price it would have cost to put right in the UK. A big thank you to Cagatay Aras and his lovely team.


William S.


I went to cagatay aras for a new denture because mine was loose and i always had to stick it in with glue. His practice is very clean and the staff are very efficient. He made me a denture within a week, it is very nice and fits properly, i woukld not hesitate to go to him again and i would certainly recommentd him to others.

Joyce W.


Lost my two front teeth some years ago and Cagatay and Tonguç did a fantastic job replacing them with implants. I couldn't be happier with their work. Thanks guys.


Tim E.


While on holiday in July I had problems with my root canal,I had previously read some good reviews about Cagayan and had looked into getting my front teeth veneered in the uk. I visited Cagatays dental practise to get my root canal repaired but while I was there discussed getting my front teeth veneered.we agreed that dental crowns would be a better option for me.i had my six front teeth crowned and I now have a gorgeous smile.somthing I have always dreamed about but couldn't afford in the uk.cagatay and his assistant are really lovely and are extremely professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Joanne S.


I would just like to thank you Catagay for fitting in my son's Martyn’s dental work (four Crowns to his top front teeth which had formed badly due to him having measles as a child) in such a short space of time.   He is highly delighted with the results and has had many compliments about how good they look. We have already recommended you to other people and will continue to recommend your services to our friends.

Fiona G.

TRACEY CROWTHER / /HolidentDentalHospital
This is the best dentist .. from start to finish wonderful experience .. aftercare truly amazing .. not just a dentist but also friends
This Dentist is 1st class and extremely professional. The quality of work on my teeth has been excellent and i would highly recommend.
Dvore McCullough /​
I spent 5 years having treatment at a dental hospital. Lovely students who all need to learn their profession, I should have gone to Holident a long time ago. During my holiday I had approximately 5/6ths of my mouth done with bridges.
Fantastic no more partial plates, eating is more of a pleasure now. Don’t spend my life hiding from a camera, much more confident. Fab dentist that really knows his onions, does a good job and also puts you at ease. So the lesson to learn is don’t put off till tomorrow, when you can get it done today. You really would be pleasantly surprised !.
Amy Freshney Lynn/
We are coming out on holiday in a few weeks, I went into mad panic when my daughter knocked her two front teeth out at home, knowing the temporary teeth may fall out on holiday and that insurance don’t cover for it. I messaged this gentleman to make sure we can been seen if needed while on holiday and within two days he’s replied, and sent price across and reassured me that he will help if needed. I am very thankful and now know I can come on holiday reassured and happy xx
Nat Wright/
Absolutely love my new teeth! I am so nervous of the dentist, and the dentist always causes me so much pain in the UK. Holident were fantastic, they were gentle, friendly and caring. The place is immaculate and professional with technology surpassing that in the UK. I hated my top teeth and now I can’t stop smiling.
The prices were very reasonable and I will use Holident for all future work where I can!
Yvonner Liddell/

My husband got 2 crowns fitted last week.

Three visits and all at a very low cost !!

They are very very friendly and the hygiene of dentist is 1st class , spotless in every way . They are very good English spoken too.

His teeth are now amazing and has a beautiful smile again.

Would highly recommend this dentist to everyone.

Keep up the good work everyone and thanks very very much xx

Sharon Thorton/

I can’t believe how well they treated me. I have an health condition where I can’t breath and with the water from the drilling. He was so patient kept stopping and giving me chance to catch my breath. No one can tell I’ve had my teeth done and that to me is the best thing. They don’t look false. I had 6 teeth done absolutely love them x
Just received a Christmas card all the way from Turkey to Co Durham x

Fiona Bowe Monagle /

After my partner was left gutted after being left with limited options from the NHS and being told he couldn’t have any bridges. We were told about dentists in Turkey I done a bit of research and found holident. I can only say that the service and help he has received has been absolutely wonderful. He now has the teeth that even I’m envious off. His smile is amazing and he couldn’t be happier definitely made his holiday!!! Thank you all so much x

Trudie Scarsbrook /

Would recommend without hesitation.
The service they provide is excellent.
The place is spotless, latest technology and in a friendly, relaxed environment over looking Fethiye harbour.
There is even a small cafeteria for waiting. They all speak good English and you save pounds compared to the dental prices In the UK :).

Sally Peters /

I am over the moon with my teeth, I can't wait to come over in 6 months to have the bottom done. It's changed my life like you wouldn't believe! The team at holident were amazing and i have recommend them to everyone who's thinking of having their teeth done ��

Patricia O'Donovan /

wonderful staff caring trusting professional and kindness. Hygiene is to a very high standard my husband and I had a lot of work and are both extremely happy with the results well done Holident in your beautiful new high tech premises

Lisa Graydon /

My husband had his appointment on Monday morning and they started work straight away and within an hour he was joining me for a coffee. He had several teeth taken out which he expected and was amazed at how pain free the treatment was.
He was back for his fitting the following Friday and has not stopped smiling since that day.
Amazing results and lovely staff and very professional.
He can't recommend the dentists who have made his smile possible and has already got people lined up to come here!
Thank you....I now have a hubby who smiles for the first time in years �

Kirk Nicholson /

Brilliant service very clean and all dentist are top of the game
Great prices aswell
Make you feel comfortable

Sharon O'Connell /

I had implants and crowns done by Cagatay last July and Oct. and I've not had problems with the work carried out there. Everything is spotless. I had some problems with pain due to my implant being close to a nerve but they were very patient and stopped as soon as I asked it took longer but they never complained. I have had a crown done since here in England and I will be going back to complain and ask for it to be redone. If not done to my satisfaction I will make another visit to Holident. Thank you.

Janette Paul Maloney /

well just want to let you all know my experience so far, I'm a true dental phobic patient, i needed some implant work and due to all the great reviews on calais beach forum, regarding holident dental, i thought id book a consultation when i came in july for a holiday, i met with Dr tonguc and he wanted to do 5 implants on top and 4 on bottom with zirconium crowns, i also asked him to change my existing crowns for new zirconium ones also. we agreed he'd do the top first and bottom at a later date, i returned home and booked my next trip for october, i have to admit, i have bombarded him with questions, he must have been sick of me, but bless him, he answered everyone with professionalism. i returned for the treatment, booking a five day trip, i arrived and was petrified, they gave me a tablet to ease my anxiety, i was still scared but was able to sit in the chair without wanting to bolt, so bonus, dr tonguc tried to ease my fears, gave me numerous injections and placed the 5 top implants, nowhere near as bad as id imagined, not a pleasant experience, but no worse than an extraction. left and managed to enjoy a spot of sunbathing, took the pain relief they gave and antibiotics, only really needed the pain meds for 2 days. had to have a soft diet for a few days. my face swelled for 4 days then back to normal. had my stitches removed before my flight home, day 4. booked back for May next year for the final part of treatment, all being well.

Anyone who is considering having implant treatment abroad, i can't recommend holident highly enough and thats coming from someone who hates anything dentist. ill keep you posted with the finished results


returned in May for the final stage of my treatment, 2 week stay that time. First day they cut the gums and put healing caps on the implants, took impressions and I went did a weeks relaxation on the beech lol. I returned a few more times for try ins and more impressions before they removed my existing crowns and replaced with zirconium ones and fitted my implant crowns too. Flew home the next day. No pain at all. My own private dentist was amazed with the results. I’m back in May for the bottom implants to be started. I have no reservations at all


Returned 21st May 2018 for 4 bottom implants fitted and an extraction, all went well, no real pain, took painkillers for first day then Iburafen for second day, nothing after that. Slight swelling on extraction site where the implant was fitted, lasted 4 days, stitches removed after 3 days then flew home. Every thing feels great now a week on, no pain or swelling. Back in October for the implant teeth fitted and some vaneers to match my others remaining teeth to the nice white top set

Amanda McSheen/

Had 8 crowns fitted and whitening done so pleased with end result Cagatay aras and tonguc kavasoglu are so friendly and explain everything they are going to do clearly and make you feel at ease , the reception staff are also very nice , so pleased I had treatment there and so happy with my new smile would totally recommend holident to anyone

Christine Bonar/

I'v just been to Holident and had 2 new crowns done which I'm over the moon with and from having scan done, the prep work and crowns fitted it took all of 6 days , I would highly recommend holident Dt Cagatay Aras was very professional and spoke very good English and so did the staff too thank you Holident

Colin Begley/

very professional service., quick response, times and immaculate surgery building, very classy.

Christine Higgins/

Dentists and dentistry is an issue for me, that I have had to put up with many times over many years from the initial result of a violent act taking away 4 of my front teeth. So with much fear and having done some research about the dentists in Fethiye I went for a consultation with the dental surgeon at Holident, Mr T Kavasoglu on a Friday in Aug. By Monday, 5 implants in the top jaw and 1 on the bottom was completed. Several visits later I am, now thank God, finished. And although I was most concerned all the way through, the end result is better than I was hoping for in my wildest dreams. It would have to be said that I was a pain as a patient but was dealt with in the kindest of manner by the Dr Dentist, his assistant and the lovely unflappable Gonda, the receptionist there. The clinic puts the dentists in the UK to shame from the cleanliness, the facility and the most up to date technology. I would not like to say cheap, so I shall say that the cost of what I received was most reasonable at twice the price I actually paid and I am most grateful. I would recommend this clinic and dentist to anyone and it would be, most certainly, the only place I would ever have implants in the future.

Debbie Perry/

This dental hospital is amazing the treatment and care from all of the staff is just the best!


Robert Watson/

I would like to thank Holident Dental Clinic for the excellent Dentistry and Tooth implant surgery I had that was completed at the end of 2015 ( last year).

H Çağatay Aras carried out the dentist works in a very professional and caring manner, causing me minimum discomfort.

Tonguc Kavasoglu performed the Dental Surgery with great skill and with maximum patience and expertise.

Thank you for the exceptional patience you needed due to my dread of Dentists and my acute gagging reflex. Also for making it possible for to me chew the food I have craved for, for more years than I can remember!

Not least thank you to all the assistants and Honda on reception who really went out of their way to make me feel at ease.

I would and certainly will recommend this practice and give it glowing references not only for all of the above but for the exceptional value as it was the third of the price I would have had to have paid in the UK.

Thank you

John Moore/

I would certaillnly recommend this dentist to everyone excellent treatment caring and service from surgeon and all staff

Hannah Brock/

Unbelievable service from start to finish. More than happy with my new smile and will continue to recommend to friends and family. Clinic is immaculate and all staff very friendly and welcoming. Thanks Holident. X

Tracy Taylor/

Just finished having my top teeth done at holident had bridges and crowns and what an amazing job I carnt fault the treatment I got from start to finish
I love my new smile now for the bottom ones x

Jon Swain/

Fantastic service spottlessly clean very friendly professional staff did a amazing job replacing two chipped crowns cant stop smiling and looking in the mirror going again shortly for more work (filling) cant recommend these guys enough ��

Carolyn Clare /

Thanks to Cagatay and his team I can now smile with confidence. I am so happy with my treatment I would like to thank you so much. Back in the UK my family and friends are amazed at the result 😊 xx


Stuart Francis /