Studies show that the benefits of the correct treatment has a positive ımpact on your quality of life. Dentures or Implants can give you back your smile, improve speech and chewing.
The correct treatment will depend on existing bone, gum tissue, lip and cheek support.




Acrylic replacement which known as a plate, for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.

Main advantages of modern dentures are,

Natural Look & Longer Usage

New materials make dentures stronger, fit better and to make them look better for longer. 


Dentures require routine maintenance just like natural teeth. In addition modern dentures  can be made of bacteria-resistant materials. This results in less bacterial adhesion and fewer instances of complications associated with free monomers.

Aesthetics & Function

Modern dentures can repair your smile and become a great substitute for natural teeth when chewing and speaking. ​


5-7 DAYS


(Starting from) £500

Additional treatments that must be done effects on the total price.

Thanks to modern dentistry that gives a life changing treatment just in a day. All-on-4 is full-arch rehabilitation with only four implants (or six if required according to mouth conditions).

Treatment involves two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior. 

You can have a All-on-4 treatment if you have the conditions below: 

- The required amount of primary bone contact/primary stability


- The required Quantity and quality of bone at the implant site

- The correct bone formation around the implant


98% of patients recommend the All-on-4® treatment concept*

Lower Cost

The concept is the least costly in comparison with conventional implant treatment.

Rapid improvement in quality of life

A fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of
surgery quickly leads to improved patient satisfaction


1 Stage: 7 DAYS

+90 Day (At least) Healing Time

2 Stage: 14 DAYS

You will never leave the clinic without teeth. Temporary teeth will be fitted to restore replacing aesthetics and function.



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Additional treatments that must be done effects on the total price.

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What is the success rate with All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants?

Published studies show a 98.2% success rate using All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants on the lower arch, and a 97 – 98% success rate using them on the upper arch.

Will my results look natural?

We take your facial features, skin tone, age, and personality into consideration when creating your new permanent set of teeth to ensure that they are congruent with your features. It is important that they are the right size, shape, color, and proportion. we use the latest concepts in smile design to create your new smile.


From beginning to end, what should I expect with my All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants procedure?

Each patient is different, and therefore, can expect different timelines, but a general guideline for the All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants procedure is:

  • 1-2 visits for initial consultation and to prepare x-rays and impressions

  • 1 visit to place the implants and new teeth and extract any teeth (if necessary)

  • Post op visits as required, usually 2

  • 1 visit four months after placing implants for new impressions for the permanent set of teeth

  • 1 visit six months after placing implants to place permanent set of teeth


What are the types of dentures?

There are two types of dentures available. One is the fixed denture and the other is removable. Removable dentures are commonly used if a patient has lost many teeth, whereas a fixed denture can be used to replace individual missing teeth. 

What is waiting for me at the first consultation and upcoming process?

During your consultation, your dentist is going to discuss with you all of the aspects that characterize teeth replacement systems, such as: Aesthetics, function, comfort, longevity. At the end of the consultation you will be informed about a time plan and a firm-price. But first, you can get in contact for all quaries by filling online application form below.

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