If you are happy about your teeth size and shape but unhappy about the color you need only to whiten them. 
There are many ways of whitening but only expert dentists and latest technologies can provide the safest methods. 

We only use best products in the world. Please see the procedure on the gallery below.


75 Minutes


220 GBP


We first clean your teeth from stain and tartar.

Than take the impressions from top & bottom to prepare you a gum shield.

We give you the whitening gel which you will apply to your gumshield and wear it overnight.


Cleaning 30-45 Minutes

Home process 4-6 Nights

320 GBP

Top + Bottom Whitening Tray + 4 Gel  


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How does whitening works?

Whitening is implemented by two ways due to the layered structure of tooth: Teeth get stained from years of drinking wine, tea, coffee, etc. If you have extrinsic discoloration it can be removed with a professional teeth cleaning.

It’s the inner part of the tooth called dentin—not the outer enamel— that yellows because of many reasons such as aging, genetics, silver fillings, taking tetracycline before age 10. In that case you’ll need to bleaching (hydrogen peroxide) which whiten inner part of the tooth. Whiteness of the inner part reflects out through the enamel like a prism. 


How long does it last?

Teeth are always yellowing as part of the aging process. They’re also always becoming stained by the foods and drinks we consume. No matter where or how you whiten your teeth, it won’t last forever. Most results last from 6 months up to 2 years, but it all depends on how easily your teeth stain as well as your diet.

What should i do after treatment to keep them white longer?

Only use a toothpaste which is recommended by your dentist.

Brush your teeth twice a day, have a regular scale & polish every six months  to make your whitening last longer.

Order a large cup of water with your coffee. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and especially with meals.


What is the procedure?

Whitening won’t take on damaged teeth. So fixing dental problems comes first. Depending on your needs, internal or external whitening is decided. 

Is there any side-effects?

Be prepared for tooth sensivity. It is a common effect for sensitivity to occur in the first 24 hours. The teeth become temporarily dehydrated which reduces their ability to insulate from changes in temperature. You can take a pain reliever if the sensitivity is too much to bear.

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