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If you are happy about the shape and size of your teeth but unhappy about the colour, you may only need to whiten them. There are many options to consider but the best – and safest - results can only be ensured by using expert dentists and the latest technology. 

We are delighted to provide you with more details about teeth whitening systems such as laser whitening and home whitening kit. Holident Dental Hospital, which has its own dedicated and professional team. Teeth whitening  sessions are only done by our cosmetic dentist not by an hygenist. If you are looking for teeth whitening be sure about the brand used.At Holident Dental Hospital, we only use Beyond Laser Whitening which is a high-quality American product recognised by industry leaders as the best in the world.


Teeth become stained from years of use and from the consumption of food and drink such as wine, tea or coffee. If the patient’s teeth show signs of extrinsic discoloration, they may require a professional clean by a qualified hygienist. However, it’s the inner part of the tooth – the dentin not the enamel – which yellows as a result of factors such as aging, genetics, silver fillings or perhaps the taking of tetracycline before the age of ten. In that case, the patient may need to have their teeth bleached with hydrogen peroxide, which whitens the inner part of the tooth. Whiteness from the inner tooth then shines out through the enamel like a prism. 


There are plenty of brands offering whitening techniques across the world but we would urge our patients to ensure they understand both the gel and the type of laser to be used in the process in advance. Holident uses Beyond laser whitening gel and Polus Advanced technology. Beyond has been recognised with awards for the best whitening brand for nine years in a row.


Teeth whitening results vary from patient to patient as enamel structure is unique and reflects light differently. However, if you are not happy with the results, we offer one more corrective session free. For examples, you can see before-and-after images below.

Teeth usually yellow as part of the aging process but are also stained by the food and drink we consume. No matter where or how you whiten your teeth, it won’t last forever. Most results last from six months to two years, but it depends on how easily your teeth stain as well as your diet.

What should I do after treatment to keep my teeth whiter for longer?

Only use a toothpaste which is recommended by your dentist. If you want your teeth whitening to last longer, brush your teeth twice a day, have a regular scale and polish at the dentists’ every six months, order a large glass of water with your coffee and drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially with meals.


What does the procedure involve?

Whitening techniques won’t take on damaged teeth so fixing any dental problems will come first with any dental health issues dictating whether internal or external whitening is required. 

Are there any side-effects?

We tell our patients to be prepared for some tooth sensitivity within the first 24 hours. Whitened teeth become temporarily dehydrated which reduces their ability to insulate from changes in temperature. A painkiller is usually enough to counter any discomfort.


Also, for seven days after treatment, we recommend the following:

•  Do not eat or drink dark, staining substances including coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce or Coca-Cola.

•  Do not smoke cigarettes or use any other tobacco product.

•  Do not use colored toothpaste.

If your treatment is part of your holiday in Fethiye, we would recommend you have it the day before your departure so you don’t spoil your stay in the sun by having to follow a stricter dietary routine.


Laser whitening usually involves three sessions on the same day and costs a total of £250 (including a free de-scale and polish which is usually £50). Teeth-whitening prices can vary depending on the products so we would urge customers considering the procedure to ensure they understand which gels and equipment will be used.


At Holident Dental Hospital, we only use Beyond laser whitening which is a high-quality American product recognised by industry leaders as the best in the world.

Home whitening kit costs £220 including 4 gels and 2 trays. Trays will be given in maximum 8 hours after taking the impression.

home whitening


Crowns and veneers can not be whitened. If your crowns and veneers are discoloured you can remove the stain with a polish or you need to renew them. 

We charge £30 per tube for home whitening gel. If you also need a whitening tray (gum shield) we can also provide them at £50 each (£50 for the top jaw and £50 for the bottom, totaling £100). 

You will fill the gels pockets in your tray and you need to use the trays 8 hours a day. Approximetely you will finish 4 gels in 7-10 days (it changes due to how big is your teeth)

However, the complete home-whitening kit includes a top and bottom jaw tray and four tubes of whitening gel and costs £220 (2 Trays and 4 gel). Please note preparing a tray to fit your mouth can take one or two days and requires a booking to be made in advance. Aftercare notes are as follows:

To maintain your BEYOND smile for longer:

•  Brush your teeth regularly with BEYOND Pearl White whitening toothpaste.

•   Visit your dentist regularly.

•   Minimize consumption of coffee, tea and other staining food and drink and minimize use of tobacco products.

•   Ask your dentist about take-home whitening options from BEYOND to touch up your BEYOND smile quickly in the comfort of your own home.



1. Do not use household bleach to whiten your teeth.

2. Pregnant women should not bleach their teeth.

3. If you have any questions regarding the appropriate use of this product - including how long it will take to bleach your teeth - please consult our dentists.

4. Do not use tobacco products or eat during the bleaching process.

5. White spots on the enamel or those which appear during bleaching may blend or fade during a continued process.

6. Teeth are normally darker along the gum line. These areas may require more time to lighten than the rest of the tooth surface and usually remain slightly darker.

7. A small percentage of patients experience sensitivity with bleaching. Should this occur, remove the tray and contact your dentist.

8. Foods and juices high in citric acid can cause sensitivity to the teeth.

9. Some patients have noticed temporary discomfort of the gums, lips, throat or tongue. Should any of these symptoms persist for more than two days or progressively worsen, call your dentist. These side effects will usually subside within a day or two if treatment is discontinued.

10.  Coffee, tobacco and other products can stain your teeth over time. Should this occur, the teeth can be re-whitened within a few nights using Opalescence.

11. Regular dental check-ups and cleaning are important before and after bleaching to maintain a healthy smile.

12. Some old amalgam or “silver” fillings may leave a dark purple color in your bleaching tray, this is normal.

13. Crowns, bridges, partial dentures, veneers and composite fillings cannot be bleached.

14. Store bleach out of the sun. Refrigeration is recommended but do not freeze.

15. Discard any unused bleaching gel after treatment is complete.

16. Keep Opalescence out of reach of small children.

17. Do not swallow gel or rinsed gel. The product contains peroxide and may contain fluoride; swallowing large amounts can be harmful.

18. Materials should be refrigerated at a temperature between 2°-8° to maintain shelf life.



Brushing twice daily, having a de-scale and polish every six months and refraining from smoking will extend the effects of teeth whitening for longer.

•   At regular intervals – roughly every two years - you can refresh your whitening using our custom-made, home-whitening treatments.

•   Patients who do not comply with this guidance may need to have their teeth re-whitened.


Please feel free to contact us at Holident Dental Hospital if you require any additional information or advice.

Laser whitening requires only a single session and it can be completed within 1.5 hours.

· Holident uses only Beyond Laser Whitening® brand products which is a high quality American product and has been awarded 12 times as the best product in the world for teeth whitening.

· Before whitening, stain cleaning is done with the Air Flow® application. Air-flow is the first class teeth cleaning product of the Swiss company EMS.

· The results of the whitening process differ according to the hardness of the individual tooth enamel. It is guaranteed to lighten at least 1 tone, but it gives bleaching results up to 3-4 tones in many treatments. If you are not satisfied with the teeth color after whitening, you can get one more free session after a minimum of 5 days. 

· Opalescence toothpaste is recommended after whitening. It is recommended to use 1 tube of opalescence paste until it is finished. Opalescence toothpaste is only available from pharmacies, it does not require a prescription.


1. The surface cleaning is done in the laser whitening session and thus the tartar that causes bad breath and caries is cleaned.

2. With the Air-flow application, the stains on the tooth surface are cleaned. Even just the airflow application makes a difference in tooth color.

3. A protective barrier is applied to the gums and a whitening gel is applied to the tooth surfaces.

4. The first three steps are completed in about half an hour.

5. Then, with 3 sessions of 20 minutes each, the whitening process is completed within a total of 1 hour.

General Information

· Home bleaching, unlike laser whitening, is the type of whitening that the patients apply by themselves with the necessary equipment.

· In a home whitening kit, the patients are given a plaque for the lower and upper jaw and 4 tubes of whitening gel.

· The patients themselves apply the gel to the dots in the plaques and the plaques remain attached for 14 nights during sleep.

· Opalescence products are used for at-home whitening

· Home type whitening active ingredient rate is 20%.


1. As with the laser whitening of the patient, tartar cleaning and airflow stain cleaning are performed. Teeth cleaning provides oral hygiene and removes caries and bad breath.

2. Measures are taken for plaques.

3. Plaques are ready after 4 hours.

4. Gels should be kept at a temperature of 2-5 degrees. Therefore, it is given to the patient with ice gel.

5. The patient is advised to put the gels in a refrigerator as soon as possible.

6. If it is to be taken abroad, it is recommended to carry it in the suitcase.

Effect Time of Whitening Treatment

- How effective the teeth whitening results will be depends on the dental care and oral hygiene of the patients. While poor care causes the whitening effects to disappear just like your natural teeth turn yellow, teeth whitened with good care have a lifetime use.

- Not recommended for heavy smokers. Re-yellowing is possible in about 6 months.

Considerations After Whitening Treatment

After the whitening treatment, a list of recommendations is prepared for the patients to follow for 5 days. The patients should stay away from colourful foods such as  ketchup, cherry juice, red wine, soy sauce, mustard sauce etc. for two days.

Alcohol and cola-style sodas should not be used for two days. Drinks such as tea and coffee that will cause early discoloration on the tooth surface should not be used. In addition, the patient is advised not to use tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars.

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