• Fethiye is a very popular destination for Yoga Retreats as it has a very pure and clear air and beautiful nature. Fethiye is one of the 14 best quality aired city in Turkey. The city has clear blue sky with fresh air, forests and turquoise blue sea.


    City also has lots of farming areas which provide very fresh and natural foods. When you travel to Fethiye it is guaranteed that you will be having all fresh and natural food. Vegeterian and Vegan food options are also available at the hotels we arrange for our Yoga Groups.


    We arrange private packages for Yoga Groups either in a hotel or a private boat with sailing. We also arrange it in an Ecological Farm just outside of Fethiye City. In this farm you will be also able to make some traditional breads, meals, jams in the kitchen. Or, join us to collect fruits from the trees.


    If you are a Yoga Lover don’t miss having a retreat in Fethiye. The best seasons are Apr, May, June, Sep, Oct and Nov. Take your Yoga Friends for a memorable retreat in the heart of the nature.




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