Why choose dentistry abroad?

Dentistry abroad is a growing industry as a result of high costs in the UK. Dental work abroad allows you to combine a holiday with a dental experience that can save you up to 70%.

Why is it so cheap?

Cost of labour is cheaper in Turkey therefore the prices reflect that.

How much will my dental work cost?

Prices are given on an individual basis as the amount of work needed may vary. Free quotes can be provided.

Are the Hygiene standards high?

The hygiene standards are in line with the technical and hygienic practices that can be found in Germany and Switzerland.

What is the area like?

Fethiye is a harbour town with plenty to see and do. It has a busy day-to-day life and the town offers lots of excursions as well as being a great base for visiting other areas.

Which is the nearest airport?

Dalaman is the nearest airport. It is located 30-40 minutes from the resort.

How long will my treatment take?

This is dependent on the treatment you require. Once we have established the work that we need to carry out we can provide you with an accurate timescale.

Can you help me arrange my trip?

Once you have arranged your flights we can help arrange accommodation and your transfer to and from the airport.  We can also arrange your dental appointments and provide information for aftercare.